DAOU is the creation of two brothers, Daniel and Georges Daou, who shares one dream – the dream of producing collectible, world-class Bordeaux style wines to rival the most respected appellations in the world.

The Daou brother’s appreciation for quality wine was nurtured throughout their childhood, in France, where their father enjoyed good wine with every meal.  Daniel and Georges came to appreciate great wine as young adults, and their passion for the fruit of the vine has grown stronger with every passing year.

In 2007, Daniel and Georges’ search for the perfect terroir led them to the west mountain Adelaida area of Paso Robles in California. There, they found land that had been part of the historical Hoffman Mountain Ranch Vineyard; land that fit their very strict criteria. They wanted the kind of terroir that could grow Cabernet Sauvignon and other red varietals to rival those from the world’s best wine appellations. The combination of high elevation, cool marine influence, southeast and southwest sun exposure, and high-concentration calcareous-lime soils was exactly what they were looking for. As an added bonus, the one hundred acre property had over seventy farmable acres, making it one of the larger vineyard sites in the Adelaida region.

The property, now nicknamed DAOU Mountain, has expansive views of the luscious countryside. On a promontory rising above the valleys and canyons of this bucolic landscape now stands a stunning, Spanish Colonial style winery and tasting room. At the heart of the winery hangs a bell, dated 1740, that was recovered from a monastery in Spain. This beloved, beautifully painted iron piece was forged before the founding of the United States.

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2010 DAOU Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
California Cabernet Sauvignon that rivals an Old World style Bordeaux

Price: $43.00
DEAL ENDS 09/28/14
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2011 DAOU Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon
A Cabernet Sauvignon that clings to your tongue and evolving with every ...

Price: $51.00
DEAL ENDS 09/28/14
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2010 DAOU Celestus Red Blend
Sweet blueberries and fresh mint on the nose with a peppery and ...

Price: $35.00
DEAL ENDS 09/28/14