About Us

Welcome to mywineclub.co, your one stop shop for great savings on quality wine! 

Who are we?

Here at mywineclub.co we’re just a family of wine lovers who want to share our passion with people like us.  We pride ourselves on bringing our members a handpicked selection of wine at the best price, so we scour the world of wine, researching and tasting wine, to cherry pick the palate pleasers.

How it works?

mywineclub.co is a members-only site.  Membership is free!  Once you’re a member, you will have access to our exclusive deals and savings.

What we hope to do?

mywineclub.co wants to make the wine shopping experience as simple as possible to find what you want and what you like.  We have partnered with seasoned winemakers to breakdown the complexity in the language of wine to make it easy to understand, everyday language. 

We aim at catering to all levels of wine connoisseurs, so may you be a wine aficionado seeking that culty Cabernet or just exploring and starting to figure out what tastes good to you, mywineclub.co will have something for you!