Partner With Us
If you’re interested in becoming a partner, please contact us!  We’re always looking for great new partnerships!
How works
We’re a members only business.  Our members consist of avid wine collectors with established palates and wine newbies with fresh new palates, all eager to explore and experience.
We offer our members limited-time offers that are handpicked by our wine curators at a reasonable price.  Wine is shipped directly to our customers.
What we offer our partners
A broader reach of audience: Our members are wine enthusiasts, seeking that next great find.  We’ve built a relationship with our members to a point where we’ve become their trusted friend they can go to for wine recommendations.
Branding & Marketing: When we structure an offer, the wines we feature are curated to fit a specific theme: region, varietal, winemaker, and so on.
By partnering with us, you’re essentially throwing your brand into the game and getting some good PR.  Our members may not have heard of your brand or your wine, but by the end of the deal, they will!
Our partners typically see an increase in website traffic, email subscription, and even wine club memberships.
Outlet for Clearing Inventory: Our sales are short on time, but high in volume.  Our savvy deal seeking members jump at a chance to get clearance items and items that will no longer be available.